About Us

"The fun derived from fly fishing is not just in the fish you catch, but the people you are with. "
– Jim Teeny

It has always been our goal to design and offer the best casting and fishing lines in the world. With our new HPC coating and advanced tapers we have achieved the highest level of fly lines to date. We will continue to explore and improve where we feel it is needed to help our fishing friends hook more fish.

Fly lines are such an important part of fishing, while it is not necessary to own every line, it is important to address the fisheries that you pursue. We offer different center cores for warm and cold water fisheries. Regardless of weather conditions you can fish with a Teeny line that is perfect for your next trip.

I started the Teeny Nymph Company on July 1, 1971 in hopes of entering into the Fly Fishing Tackle World. Over 40 years later we are still here and growing. What we offer serves a definite need and purpose. Our Teeny fly patterns will catch just about anything that swims. More than 30 IGFA world records, that we are aware of, speak highly for this simple pattern.

With all the products that we offer none has had a greater impact on the fly fishing world than our sinking fly lines. Teeny fly lines have become the #1 sinking lines throughout the world today. Equally effective in both fresh and saltwater situations these lines handle and cast like a dream because they are designed to be perfectly balanced.

For all of the supporters of our products, I want to thank you for your trust in me. We will continue to design and develop new products to help make your fishing time more productive and enjoyable.

Our mission is to bring our youth back to nature thru the art and passion of fly fishing, to enjoy our outdoor resources for years to come.